Emergency General Surgery

Clinical Services: Trauma, Burns, Acute and Critical Care
Upper East Side
525 East 68th Street, L-7
New York, NY 10065
(646) 962-8490

The Division of Trauma, Burns, Critical and Acute Care Surgery provides a vitally-needed service for the community, and offers critically-ill patients a unique expertise and compassionate care from highly-skilled surgeons who are at the top of their field. 

Our program provides ultramodern evaluation and treatment for patients with a full range of emergency general surgery needs. From the Emergency Department to the Operating Room to the ICU to the Floor, the care of the patient must be under study. Ultimately, this permits us to tackle our principal goal of improving patient care and growing understanding of surgical disease. The most common serious complaints and diagnoses encountered include chest pain, heart failure, infectious diseases, cerebrovascular accidents, abdominal pain and gastrointestinal bleeding. 

Our surgeons work with state-of-the-art emergency surgery technology used in caring for emergency surgical patients. With the use of diagnostic and advanced monitoring equipment, mixed with the high volume of operations performed, we have the esteemed experience in treating a wide spectrum of urgent conditions. 

Our surgeons provide exceptional care to patients during our outpatient office hours with conditions like: 
   Perforated bowel 
   Perforated ulcer 
   Abdominal abscess 
   Incarcerated hernia 
   Inguinal Hernia 
   Femoral Hernia 
   Umbilical Hernia 
   Incisional Hernia 
   Epigastric Hernia 
   Hiatal Hernia 
   Bowel obstruction 
   Acute and chronic wounds 

To refer patients to our outpatient practice for evaluation by one of our expert surgeons and compassionate team, please call 646-962-8490 for an appointment. 

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