Zachary Mulvihill, M.D.

Internal Medicine

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Personal Statement

I was introduced to several skilled and inspiring Integrative practitioners years ago, who gave me the opportunity to experience the profound healing potential of Integrative Medicine directly, in the lives of patients, and in my own life. Firmly convinced that Integrative Medicine is the future of healthcare, I completed medical school and residency in traditional Allopathic programs, with the overarching professional goal of serving as a bridge between Western Medicine and Integrative Medicine. While Western Medicine, with all it's cutting-edge technology, has much to offer all of us, it falls short in addressing the root causes of many chronic conditions, most of which stem ultimately from imbalances in our diets, our lifestyles, our minds, and on the emotional and spiritual levels. This is exactly the realm where Integrative Medicine excels, as the focus is on restoring balance to ourselves and to patients on all levels, from the physical to the mental to the spiritual, with an emphasis on small, but continual and meaningful, changes to our diet and lifestyle and through fostering mindfulness. Within the domain of Western Medicine, I am most drawn to primary care, psychotherapy, palliative care, and patient education, and within Integrative Medicine, I am most drawn to Ayurveda, mindfulness, and Integrative approaches to anxiety and depression.

Biographical Info

Dr. Mulvihill's journey into a career in Integrative Medicine began in college, when he met several Integrative practitioners who became lifelong friends and mentors. While completing his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at Yale University, Dr. Mulvihill spent his summers working at an Integrative clinic in Woodstock NY, of which he fondly recalls cultivating organic vegetables, flowers, and medical plants in the clinic's on-site farm. After graduating, he worked for two years as a medical and research assistant at a surgical clinic in Manhattan specializing in the care of HIV-positive patients, then attended Stony Brook University School of Medicine in Long Island, NY. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in NJ and completed two Fellowships in Integrative Medicine, through the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona and through Integrative Health and Wellbeing at New York-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medicine. Dr. Mulvihill's goals are to blend his skills in Internal Medicine with the vast and varied modalities of Integrative Medicine, and most importantly, to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to all his patients at New York-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medicine.


Board Certifications
American Board of Internal Medicine
Clinical Expertise
Integrative Medicine
  • M.D.
    State University of New York at Stony Brook, School of Medicine
  • B.A.
    Yale University
  • Assistant Attending Physician
    NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
    Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University

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