Timothy Vartanian, M.D., Ph.D.

Timothy Vartanian
Timothy Vartanian, MD, PhD, a leading authority on neural regeneration has been named as the Director of the Judith Jaffe Multiple Sclerosis Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is also appointed to the faculty of the Department of Neurology and Neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Dr. Vartanian received his medical degree from the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago, and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Chicago. His internship, residency, and two research fellowships were at the prestigious Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. Previously, he was chief of the Division of Demyelinating Diseases at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a member of the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Vartanian has led research teams that have made groundbreaking discoveries in central nervous system remyelination, novel mechanisms of axonal degeneration and regeneration, and mechanisms of immune mediated injury to myelin and axons in multiple sclerosis. His research interests center on regeneration of the myelin internode in multiple sclerosis, preventing axonal and neuronal injury, and defining the complicated interactions between the immune and nervous systems.

His work has been published in top peer reviewed journals including the Journal of Cell Biology, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, the Journal of Neuroscience, Science, Nature, and the New England Journal of Medicine.

His research is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He has served on grant review committees for the NIH, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Congressionally Directed Medical Research through the Department of Defense, The Wellcome Trust, and others.

Dr. Vartanian is committed to providing state-of-the-art patient care and advanced treatments in a personalized environment.


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Honors and Awards

1) William Randolph Hearst Neuroscience - Harvard Medical School - 2001

2) William Randolph Hearst Neuroscience - Harvard Medical School - 1995

3) FIDIA Internationa School of Neuroscience - Padova, Italy - 1992

4) The Stephen Lukes Prize in Neurology - University of Chicago - 1988

5) Telfyan Cell Biology Scholarship - University of Chicago - 1984

6) Magna Cum Laude - Oakland University - 1981