Stephen C. Karceski, M.D.

Stephen Karceski

For many years, I have met with adolescents and adults whose seizures have been difficult to control with medications. I have always been interested in newer treatments, including epilepsy surgery and devices. I believe that new technologies will lead to new treatments for epilepsy. For many people with seizures, the best treatment may be a combination of medication plus one of these newer therapies.

Dr. Steven Karceski completed a Biochemistry degree as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, College Park. He received his medical degree at Georgetown and completed a residency in Neurology at Stanford University, where he was appointed Chief Resident in Neurology. After completing his residency, he proceeded to a 2-year fellowship in Epilepsy and EEG at Stanford University.

Dr. Karceski is currently the Director of Clinical Trials at the Weill Cornell Epilepsy Center. His primary interest is in the care of adolescent and adult patients with epilepsy and his research interests include the development of new medications, as well as, new approaches to the evaluation and surgical treatment of extratemporal lobe epilepsies.

He has authored many articles that have appeared an Epilepsia, Epilepsy & Behavior, the Current Opinions in Neurology, Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports, Practical Neurology, CNS Spectrums, and Journal of Gender Specific Medicine, and Neurology. Dr. Karceski is also the author of several book chapters and serves on the editorial board for the journal of the American Neurological Association, Neurology. He has been involved with the Epilepsy Foundation for many years.


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Honors and Awards

Desmond S. O’Doherty Award for Outstanding Academic Performance in Neurology, Georgetown University May 1993

Physician’s Excellence Award, Atlantic Health Systems, June 2003

Stephen Q. Shafer Award for Humanism in Neurology June 2010