Pediatric Tics and Tourette's Program

Clinical Services: Pediatrics
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One of the most common yet overlooked and at times unrecognized movement disorders are "tics" in children. Our practice has a multidisciplinary approach to evaluation and management, using diet, behavioral therapy, habit reversal treatment, and vitamins prior to treatment, as well as standardized medicines.

We include neuropsychological evaluations as part of our treatment plan in order to target the cause of the tic.  A symptom may be a manifestation of an underlying disorder that is often masked or co-exists with the tics.

What Sets us Apart

  • We have a close affiliation with the Pediatric Obsessive Compulsive Anxiety and Tic Disorders program, based in the Division of Child Psychiatry here at Weill Cornell Medicine, which provides us with access to the most current clinical and research practices in the field.  
  • Our doctors are closely associated with the Tourette Foundation of America.