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Weill Cornell Medicine’s Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Trauma surgeons focus on providing a compassionate, child-friendly, parent-friendly environment, that promotes the best possible patient care. Our specially-trained pediatric surgeons provide general and specialized surgical services to babies in utero, infants, children, and adolescents who have a wide range of congenital and acquired conditions. 

Our exceptional surgeons, trained at the nation’s top programs, are nationally recognized leaders, clinical researchers, and educators in pediatric surgery who have a long history of providing cutting-edge and compassionate care to their patients. 

Easy access in Brooklyn, New York, which is one of the most populous boroughs of NYC, allowing residents to benefit from the highest quality of medical care and treatment available in their local neighborhoods.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Larrell Mattingly

"My daughter had emergency surgery, Doctor Spigland and her team ensured me she was in good hands and indeed she was. She takes very good care of my daughter every single time she sees her and is very understanding and accommodating."

Dec 09, 2022
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Zoe Paik

"I definitely recommend Dr Merianos. He has done our daughter’s umblical cord surgery, and he went through all the details with us, and shared pictures of the procedure so that we understand our options. We felt that he is very reliable and professional. Highly recommended!"

Dec 06, 2022
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Kamila Sarman

"The Knight in the Shining Armor has a name: Dr. Nitsana Spigland. When your oh-so-expected and already so-so-loved newborn baby is born with a health challenge that requires surgery, it’s like living your worst nightmare. But then Dr. Spigland comes in and literally saves your whole world. Our daughter was born with TE fistula. She could not swallow anything, milk or saliva. If the NYP NICU team hadn't been there for our baby when she was born, she wouldn’t have lived for long, eventually drowning with her own saliva. Dr. Spigland surgically repaired our daughter’s trachea and esophagus before our daughter was even 24 hours old. When we thought the worst was over, our daughter continued to deal with other challenges common for babies after TE fistula repair, like tracheomalacia (weakness of trachea around the area that was repaired) and reflux. Dr. Spigland continued to be actively involved in our daughter’s care, until she was transferred to Boston Children’s Hospital for one more additional surgery to correct her tracheomalacia. Dr. Spigland connected with the esophageal atresia (AE) team at Boston and the surgeon who’d perform the surgery. He later said that “your New York surgeon did a beautiful, beautiful job on your daughter’s esophagus”. Because of Dr. Spigland, our daughter was finally able to come home with us 90 days later, 100% healthy and safe. As all other parents who were lucky enough to have Dr. Spigland ‘fix’ their babies, my husband and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Spigland for saving our daughter’s life and saving our hopes and dreams of raising our precious little girl. We’ll make sure our daughter knows who Dr. Spigland is and what major role in her life she has played. Thank you, Dr. Spigland."

Nov 19, 2022
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