Nisha Ver Halen, Ph.D.

Internal Medicine

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Personal Statement

I see psychotherapy as a collaborative effort between patient and therapist to work towards identifiable and achievable goals. This effort entails building an open, honest and secure relationship in which an individual can explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors that interfere with daily functioning. In some cases, these factors can have a bi-directional relationship with physical health, such that thoughts and emotions both contribute to and are affected by the progression of physical symptoms and illness. Understanding this interaction between mind and body allows for identification of novel targets for intervention. In my approach I first explore the biological, psychological and social underpinnings of the presenting problem. I then utilize techniques such as relaxation training, mindfulness, cognitive restructuring and behavioral modification in order to address mood and behavioral factors that affect physical health and quality of life. I use these techniques because I strongly believe in the use of empirically validated treatments in order to provide patients with the most effective tools for managing psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

In addition to collaborating with my patients I am also committed to collaborating with other care providers in order to integrate various forms of treatment for the benefit of my patients. Integrating treatments from both traditional and complementary medicine allows for the development of a tailored, multi-pronged approach that best suits the unique needs of each individual.

Biographical Info

Dr. Ver Halen is a NYS licensed clinical psychologist who has been in practice as a cognitive behavioral therapist since 2011. She completed her bachelors degree in psychology at Boston University where she graduated Summa cum Laude. She earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from St. John’s University in New York. In her doctoral training Dr. Ver Halen developed a specific interest in health psychology. While obtaining her Ph.D. her clinical training and research focused predominantly on understanding the ways in which mental and physical health intersect to affect mood and functioning.

Dr. Ver Halen has been trained to provide psychotherapy to children, adults, families, couples and groups. She specializes in treating mood and adjustment disorders using a cognitive behavioral approach. Her clinical and research interests include treating depression and anxiety in medically ill populations, treating psychological effects of trauma exposure, and treating sleep disorders using cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.




  • Ph.D.
    St. John's University
  • B.A.
    Boston University
  • Assistant Attending Physician
    NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology in Clinical Medicine
    Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University

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