Podcast: Motor Skills in Child Development

In this episode of Kids Health Cast, Michelle Mikhno, M.D. discusses developmental milestones for motor skills in children. She defines fine and gross motor skills and the age-appropriate milestones that parents should expect as their kids grow. While each child is different, there are general guidelines that she highlights which parents and pediatricians will follow to ensure healthy growth in children. She covers frequently asked questions that parents can discuss with their child's pediatrician. She also review the therapies available should parents have concerns for their child.

Every parent wants what’s best for their children — but in the age of the internet, it can be difficult to navigate what is actually fact-based or pure speculation.

Cut through the noise with Kids Health Cast, featuring Weill Cornell Medicine’s expert physicians and researchers discussing a wide range of health topics, providing information on the latest medical science. Finally, a podcast to help you make informed choices for your family’s health and wellness.

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