'NOVA' Highlights Cutting-Edge Cancer Research by Weill Cornell Medicine Scientists

Dr. Silvia Formenti

Dr. Silvia Formenti

NOVA Next, the digital publication of PBS' popular science program NOVA, recently highlighted the work of two Weill Cornell Medicine researchers, who are studying a rare effect of radiation therapy to see if it can be used to treat cancers that have spread throughout the body.

Dr. Silvia Formenti, the chairwoman of radiation oncology, and Dr. Sandra Demaria, an assistant professor of radiation oncology, have been at the forefront of research focused on abscopal response, which occurs when tumors throughout the body shrink even though only one tumor has been treated with radiation.

By studying how radiation therapy and immunotherapy can trigger the response, Dr. Formenti and Dr. Demaria hope to find new ways to treat cancer.

Visit NOVA Next to learn how Dr. Formenti and Dr. Demaria shed light on the mysterious abscopal response and how that research has evolved.

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