Make it! Not Break it! Creating the Resilient Performing Artist and Athlete

Weill Cornell Medicine's Center for the Performing Artist is pleased to host the Performing Arts Medicine Association's 6-day annual meeting on campus, which will be held in New York City for the first time in July.

The conference, previously held in Colorado, will discuss performance arts medicine and related issues to help healthcare providers, researchers, arts professionals and educators address the health issues artists and performers face. Approximately 300 participants from around the globe are expected to attend.

Physicians from Weill Cornell Medicine will be moderating panels and introducing the keynote speakers from other prominent medical centers around the country.

Weill Cornell Medicine's involvement in the 2016 PAMA Symposium is part of its efforts to provide personalized, expert care to all its patients.

At the Center for the Performing Artist, a team of specialists strive to keep performing artists off the examination table and on the stage, tailoring their care to each artist's specific performance needs as well as his or her physical and mental health and well-being.

Weill Cornell Medicine's physicians are also experts in treating disorders that affect performing artists, including ear nose and throat disorders; musculoskeletal injuries; neurological conditions and movement disorders; pulmonary conditions and mental health concerns.

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