February is National Self-Check Month!

National Self-Check Month is a reminder to take charge of your health with early detection checks for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity – conditions that are often preventable and treatable if found early enough.  

Haven’t seen your healthcare provider in a while? Now is a good time to schedule a physical exam! MedlinePlus, a go-to site for high-quality, trusted and relevant wellness information, has physical exam frequency recommendations based on gender and age. The American Cancer Society also has helpful Guidelines for Early Detection of Cancer. 

You should also regularly check your body for anything out-of-the-ordinary. Click on the links below for information on how to perform self-checks at home: 

Founded by the non-profit organization, Self Chec, a 501(c)(3) organization, the goal of National Self-Check Month is to spread their mission that cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases that are often preventable and treatable if found early enough. 

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