Lung Disease and Educational Support Group

Clinical Services: Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Upper East Side
1305 York Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10021

Our Lung Disease and Education support group meets monthly to discuss a variety of Lung Disease that affect the NYC community. The Support Group began in 2018 and is grant funded by a Stony Wold-Herbert community service award, as an initiative to support Health Education and Referral Programs for matters of respiratory health. Meetings are held at the Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center located at 1305 York Avenue; 2nd Floor. 

The topics range from very specific lung diseases such as Bronchiectasis to broad topics like living with oxygen.

The objective of the group is to support patients and families with lung disease, to provide an outlet to receive sound clinical information and to connect patients with research and with one another in the community of diversity in NYC. We hope to further engage and educate those in our community who suffer from a wide range of pulmonary related disease.

Please join us for our next meeting!

Registration is preferred, but not required. RSVP by calling (646) 962-2333 or by emailing

Additional information about the upcoming sessions can be found below.

·      July 11, 2019 - Future Family Health Planning

·      August 1, 2019 - Lung Transplant

·      September 5, 2019 - Pulmonary Fibrosis

·      October 3, 2019 - Pulmonary Hypertension

·      November 7, 2019 - COPD/Tobacco Treatment

·      December5, 2019 - Caring for the Caregiver