Laparoscopic Procedures for Digestive Diseases

Clinical Services: GI Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
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Our physicians are also leaders in laparoscopic surgery for upper gastrointestinal diseases and other digestive disorders. Among the conditions that they treat with this minimally invasive approach are:  
   Esophageal Disorders 
   • achalasia 
   • esophageal tumors 
   • paraesophageal hernia 
   Stomach Disorders 
   • gastro-esophageal reflux disease 
   • hiatal hernia 
   • peptic ulcer disease 
   • stomach tumors 
   Gallbladder/Liver Disorders 
   • cholecystitis 
   • choledocholithiasis 
   • gallstones 
   • liver tumors 
   • liver cysts 
   Pancreatic Disorders 
   • pancreas tumors 
   • pseudocyst 
   Intestinal Disorders 
   • small bowel tumors 
   • colon tumors 
   • diverticulitis 
   Solid Organs Disorders 
   • adrenal tumors 
   • hematologic disorders 
   • splenic cysts 
   • hiatal hernia 
   • inguinal hernia 
   • paraesophageal hernia 
   • ventral/incisional hernia 
   • umbilical hernia 
   Endocrine Disorders 
   • adrenal gland 
   • carcinoid tumors 
   • pancreas tumors

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