Laparoscopic Procedures for Digestive Diseases

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Weill Cornell Medicine surgeons treat a wide range of gastrointestinal issues using minimally invasive techniques that reduce pain and recovery time.

As leaders in the field, our expertise includes any complex digestive disease and abdominal wall hernias, although we are able to treat multiple conditions that affect the entire GI system, including the following organs:

• Esophagus (achalasia, esophageal tumors, GERD, paraesophageal hernias)
• Gallbladder and Liver
• Pancreas
• Small and Large Intestine
Solid organs such as the spleen and adrenal gland

Conditions We Treat

Esophageal Disorders

• Achalasia
Esophageal tumors
• Paraesophageal hernia

Stomach Disorders

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
Hiatal hernia
Epigastric hernia
Peptic ulcer disease
Stomach tumors

Gallbladder/Liver Disorders

• Choledocholithiasis
Liver tumors
• Liver cysts

Pancreatic Disorders

Pancreas tumors
• Pseudocyst

Intestinal Disorders

Small bowel tumors
Colon tumors

Solid Organs Disorders

• Adrenal tumors
• Hematologic disorders
• Splenic cysts


Hiatal hernia
Inguinal hernia
• Paraesophageal hernia
Ventral/incisional hernia
Umbilical hernia

Endocrine Disorders

• Adrenal gland
Carcinoid tumors
Pancreas tumors

Other Procedures

Peritoneal dialysis catheters
• Excision of lipomas

Why Choose Weill Cornell Medicine?

Weill Cornell Medicine surgeons are leaders in minimally invasive surgery, particularly laparoscopy and robotic surgery.

Unlike traditional “open” surgery, these minimally invasive procedures involve small incisions, which make surgery less painful. Patients also recover more quickly using this approach.

Our surgeons are experts on abdominal wall hernia repair via laparoscopy and robotic surgery. We repair all types of hernias – including ventral, umbilical, epigastric, incisional and inguinal hernias – through these minimally invasive techniques. Using robotic technology, we are also able to perform complex abdominal wall reconstruction for larger hernias with great results.

Working alongside with Weill Cornell nephrology services, our doctors also are able to place peritoneal catheters for dialysis on renal patients via laparoscopy.

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