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Approximately 1% of people in the United States carry a cancer-risking gene mutation, while 30% have a history that warrants genetic counseling/testing. Identifying hereditary cancer syndromes and providing screening/prevention is crucial.

The Genetics and Personalized Cancer Prevention Program (GPCP) is committed to identifying individuals living at an increased lifetime risk for cancer and creating personalized cancer prevention management programs, including:

  • Genetic counseling and genetic testing (video and in-person options)
  • Care coordination for individuals with hereditary cancer syndromes (e.g., BRCA1/2, Lynch syndrome, other pathogenic mutations)
  • Care coordination for individuals at increased risk for breast cancer

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Patient Video Guide

Watch our video guide to learn more about genetic testing.

Our Services

Genetic Risk Assessment

Conducting comprehensive genetic evaluations to identify inherited genetic mutations or variations that may increase an individual’s risk of developing certain types of cancer. This could involve analyzing an individual’s family history, performing genetic testing, and interpreting the results. 

Personalized Risk Stratification

Utilizing genetic information and other risk factors to assess an individual’s personalized cancer risk. This may involve developing algorithms or models that integrate genetic data with lifestyle factors, environmental exposures, and other relevant information.

Preventative Strategies

Designing tailored cancer prevention strategies based on an individual’s genetic risk profile. These strategies may include lifestyle modifications, targeted surveillance programs, chemoprevention approaches, and vaccination recommendations.

Genetic Counseling

Offering genetic counseling services to individuals and families to help them understand their genetic risk factors, interpret test results, and make informed decisions regarding cancer prevention and screening options.

Screening and Early Detection

Developing personalized screening protocols based on an individual’s risk profile to detect cancer at its early stages when treatment is often more effective. 


Recommending the use of certain medications or substances to reduce cancer risk in individuals at high risk. These interventions may include the use of drugs like tamoxifen for breast cancer prevention or aspirin for colorectal cancer prevention.

Targeted Interventions

Designing interventions based on specific genetic mutations or biomarkers that increase an individual’s cancer risk. These interventions may involve targeted therapies or lifestyle modifications.

Research and Innovation

Conducting research to further advance the understanding of the genetic basis of cancer and develop novel strategies for personalized cancer prevention. This may involve collaborations with other research institutions and participation in clinical trials.

Education and Outreach

Providing education and awareness programs to the public, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders about personalized cancer prevention and the role of genetics in cancer risk.

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