Advanced Endoscopy Program

Clinical Services: Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Doctors have long used endoscopes — long, flexible tubes outfitted with a camera and light — to examine the digestive tract and help diagnose related disorders.

Now, advances in endoscopy are allowing physicians to go a step further and treat the disorder directly, giving them another nonsurgical treatment option to potentially offer to patients. Advanced endoscopy integrates minimally invasive techniques, therapeutic ultrasonography and live microscopic imaging of the gastrointestinal tract. 

Physicians at Weill Cornell Medicine are experts in this new approach, with extensive experience in performing the full spectrum of advanced endoscopic procedures to diagnose and treat disorders in the digestive tract such as achalasia, leiomyoma, submucosal lesions, pancreatitis, pancreatic fluid collections and early digestive cancers.

During an advanced endoscopic procedure, physicians gently insert the scope down the patient’s throat to visualize the area of interest and incorporate other equipment to open up obstructions like cancer tissue, inflammation or stones; drain liquid from an infected area; or destroy precancerous tissue.

Learn more about the procedure or to request an appointment with one of our physicians by contacting our office today.

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