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The Center for Advanced Digestive Care at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian is one of the nation’s leading multidisciplinary centers for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases. 

We treat all aspects of digestive disease in adults, adolescents and children, drawing on our expertise, advanced therapies and pioneering research to deliver comprehensive and personalized care.

At the CADC, a full range of world-class specialists – including gastroenterologists and hepatologists as well as colorectal, bariatric, hepatobiliary, cardiothoracic, and transplantation surgeons – team up to treat patients and conduct research to find new and better therapies.

The CADC also supports a robust number of clinical trials run Weill Cornell Medicine physicians and researchers, giving patients access to new and innovative treatments that may not be available at other institutions.

Our physicians are supported by highly skilled nurses and patient navigators, who guide patients and their family members through each step of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The center also offers several other supportive services, including genetic counseling, nutritional guidance, educational events and support groups.

The CADC also supports the care of specific digestive disorders and treatments through its member centers. They are:

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Carol Wallace
Talking about Kartik Sampath, M.D.

"Amazing Dr. Takes his time explaining everything. Encourages questions. Took my late-night, panicky emergency phone call the night before my procedure .... Even encouraged future calls if ever needed. Spent a lot of time with me before and after the procedure. Never rushing me. Called me personally a few days after my procedure to see how I was. Amazing specialist/surgeon who truly cares. I trust him explicitly"

Jul 29, 2019
Source: Google
Nicholas P.

"Needed a stent replacement (3rd time) and surgeon who did the prior two had relocated. I was somewhat apprehensive about changing doctors, but that was ill founded. Dr. Sharaiha, and the lady's staff, provided excellent care. In fact, after the other two I suffered an attack of pancreatitis, which DID NOT happen after Dr. Sharaiha's procedure."

Apr 01, 2018
Source: Healthgrades
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