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Pulmonary Disease Medicine  
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What Our Patients Are Saying

Nancy Bosotina
Talking about Eugene Shostak, M.D.

"My father had surgery a month ago, everyone was so attentive and answered every and all questions we had. My father so desperately wanted this surgery and Dr. Shostak was honest and forthcoming in the procedures and what we can expect. Prior to surgery my father wasn’t able to walk from 1 room to another without struggling majorly with his breathing. Today 1 month later my father is able to walk a city block takes him a while but he can do it. We are beyond happy with the results and know that they will get better. Dr. Shostak is so gifted and talented to be able to preform such a surgery. My father said just felt like he had a sore throat. Dr. Shostak team was kind, knowledgeable and so helpful in ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Everything was scheduled perfectly that there was no wait time and we were able to get several things done in one day to prepare for the surgery. In the middle of all this Covid I always felt comfortable and secure that it would all go well and that is because of Dr. Stostak and staff professionalism........can’t thank them and rave about them enough."

Aug 18, 2020
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Yvette Watson
Talking about Eugene Shostak, M.D.

"Dr. Eugene Shostak has an excellent bedside manner. He is very skilled at his craft. How can I say this. I had something wedged in my lower left lung and he went in to take pictures. On the day of the procedure I heard his determination with his assistant that he actually want a piece so it can be biopsied. To go after it the way he did shows determination in such a skilled individual. I am forever grateful."

Feb 27, 2020
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C Cardillo
Talking about Eugene Shostak, M.D.

"Staff was super friendly and efficient. Doctor was thorough and took the time to answer questions and explain diagnosis, recommend testing and prognosis. Highly recommend him."

Feb 23, 2020
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