Ben-Gary Harvey, M.D.

Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine

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Personal Statement

My main objective is to provide the best possible medical care to individuals affected by lung diseases. I believe that an open conversation with patients in combination with a thorough physical examination and ancillary testing represents the fundamental steps in understanding lung diseases and the impact of these diseases in the quality of lives of the affected individuals. 

Biographical Info

Dr. Harvey is the Director of the Bronchoscopy and Procedure Services in the Pulmonary Division. Under his direction, the Pulmonary Division offers a variety of advanced pulmonary procedures including bronchoscopy with lavage, biopsies, endobronchial ultrasound guided biopsy of mediastinal masses and enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes; endobronchial hot and cold therapies for airway diseases, trachea- bronchial stent placement and bronchoscopic valve placement for lung volume reduction for advanced emphysema/COPD in individuals with limited exercise tolerance.

Dr. Harvey has successfully started this bronchoscopic valve lung volume reduction program in the Pulmonary Division at Weill Cornell Medicine. The process starts with a thorough clinical patient selection evaluation. Then, in collaboration with a team of Pulmonary physicians, Anesthesiologist, Chest Radiologists, respiratory therapists, pulmonary function technicians,  ICU nurses, as well as highly experienced procedure nurses and technicians, Dr. Harvey is able to insert small tiny valves through a bronchoscope (small camera) into the most diseased areas of the lung. The aim of the procedure is to occlude non-functional portions of the lung, and create room for healthier parts of the lung in order to improve breathing function and quality of life. No surgery is necessary. 

Similarly, the Procedure Service offers management of pleural effusions with thoracentesis, insertion of chest tubes and insertion and management of indwelling pleural catheters for the management of persistent pleural effusions.  In addition to the Pulmonary Procedure Service, Dr. Harvey has a special outpatient office session dedicated to the evaluation and management of individuals with lung nodules and lung masses. For the past decade, Dr. Harvey has engaged in the assessment and management of individuals with pulmonary hypertension.  In this regard, Dr. Harvey provides outpatient and inpatient care including critical care management to individuals affected by this disease.

Dr. Harvey interned at Jamaica Hospital, Queens, NY. He did residencies at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Kings County Hospital, and Veteran Administration Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY. He completed a Fellowship at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine’s Pulmonary and Critical Care Department. 


Dr. Harvey has published 45 articles since 1995.


Honors and Awards

American Thoracic Society, International Conference, 2007

Scientific Breakthroughs of the Year, “Airway Epithelial Resistance to Smoking: Differences in Small Airway Epithelium Gene Expression in Healthy Individuals with High Pack-yr

History vs Individuals with an Early COPD Phenotype with Low Pack-yr History 

James P. Smith Clinical Scholar   (2007-Present)

Fellow, Stony-Wold Herbert Fund, Inc.(1999-Present)

Stonywall Herbert Research Fellow (1993)

Distinguished Student, Medical School Fundacion Universidad Del Norte, Colombia (1985)

Distinguished Student, Divisian de Ciencias de la Salud-

Medicina, Fundacion Universidad del Norte (1979-1982)

Board Certifications
American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine (Critical Care Medicine)
American Board of Internal Medicine (Pulmonary Disease)
Clinical Expertise
Pulmonary Hypertension
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Lung Cancer
Chronic Bronchitis
Pulmonary Embolism
Mechanical Ventilation
Management of Lung Nodules
Endobronchial Valve Placement
Interventional Pulmonology
  • M.D.
    University of the North Division of Health Sciences (Colombia)
  • Associate Attending Physician
    NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Associate Professor of Genetic Medicine
    Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University
  • Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
    Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University

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