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Weill Cornell Medicine Physicians

Weill Cornell Medicine Physicians are clinical leaders in their field who embody our patient-centered mission across all aspects of clinical care, research, and medical education at our institution. Weill Cornell Medicine Physicians are full-time faculty members of Weill Cornell Medical College and are integrated into our hospital partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian, ensuring seamless continuity of health care services for our patients. Weill Cornell Medicine Physicians deliver coordinated medical care across our multispecialty clinical practices through close departmental collaboration and the utilization of electronic health records in all of our Physician offices.

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Weill Cornell Medicine Network Physicians

Weill Cornell Medicine Network Physicians are full-time, affiliate faculty at Weill Cornell Medical College who deliver high-quality, comprehensive patient care as part of our extended medical practice network with locations across New York City. Our Network physicians are connected to both our integrated electronic health records and patient referral center as well as our partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian, with convenient locations across the metropolitan area to better serve our patient population.

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Weill Cornell Medicine Voluntary Faculty

Weill Cornell Medicine Voluntary Faculty are distinguished physicians and teachers from across the tristate area who contribute to Weill Cornell Medicine's mission of providing excellent education and clinical care. These individuals complement our full-time faculty while maintaining their own private clinical practices. Our Voluntary Faculty use their rich, multi-disciplinary expertise to teach, participate in clinical research, and collaborate on patient care with our full-time faculty physicians. Browse Voluntary Faculty

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