Cytopathology Aspiration Biopsy Consultation Service

We offer complete aspiration biopsy services including:

•   On site specimen preparation, and immediate diagnosis at your facility

•   Correlative morphology and immunocytochemical evaluations of aspiration biopsy specimens

•   Correlative evaluation of aspiration and core biopsy specimens

•   Correlative evaluation of needle biopsy specimens with radiologic findings

•   Performance of aspiration biopsy with immediate results of palpable lesions

•   Patient referral service for aspiration and core biopsy under image guidance

•   Flow cytometric evaluation of needle biopsy specimens

•   Formal diagnostic reports within two days

•   Final reports automatically faxed

For further information please contact:

Cytopathology Laboratory            

525 East 68th Street Room F-766      

New York, New York 10021

Phone (212) 746-2825


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