DRA Notice

Laws Prohibiting False Claims

Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) is committed to preventing and detecting fraud, waste, or abuse related to Federal and State health care programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. To this end, WCMC maintains a vigorous Professional Services Billing Compliance Plan, which includes education, training, auditing and monitoring for its faculty and staff engaged in clinical practice. WCMC strives to educate its work force on fraud and abuse laws, including the importance of submitting accurate claims and reports to the Federal and State governments as well as other payors.

WCMC policies prohibit the knowing submission of a false claim for payment from a Federal or State funded health care program. Such a submission is also a violation of Federal and State law and can result in significant administrative and civil penalties to the institution and to the individuals involved under the Federal False Claims Act, and other federal laws, which are designed to protect governmental health care programs. Such penalties can include fines, administrative penalties and exclusion from governmental health care programs. Actions under the False Claims Act may be brought by the government or, in some cases, by private individuals. In addition, in New York State the submission of a false claim can result in civil and criminal penalties under the New York State Social Services Law and Penal Law.

Any employee who reasonably suspects or is aware of the preparation of a false claim or any other potential fraud, waste or abuse has an obligation to report such information to any of the following personnel:

  • Departmental Compliance Leader or Compliance Liaison;
  • Associate Dean for Billing Compliance,
  • Billing Compliance Officer,
  • Senior Director of Human Resources,
  • University Audit Office, or
  • Office of University Counsel.

Any employee also has a right to make a report on an anonymous basis to the Cornell Compliance Hotline by calling (866) 293-3077 or through the following website: https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/en/report_custom.asp?clientid=6357

All reports will be investigated and appropriate action taken. In the event that the employee is dissatisfied with WCMC's response to such a report, the employee has the ability to bring his or her concerns to the appropriate government agency.

Any employee of WCMC who reports such information in good faith will be protected against retaliation for coming forward with such information both under WCMC's internal compliance policies and procedures and Federal and State law.