Praveen Raju, M.D., Ph.D.

Child Neurology
Praveen Raju

Praveen B. Raju, MD, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and the Caryl & Israel A. Englander Clinical Scholar in Children's Health at Weill Cornell Medical College and Assistant Attending Pediatrician at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. He is board certified in Neurology with Special Qualifications in Child Neurology.

Dr. Raju completed his MD in 2001 at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where he also completed his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology / Genetics. He served as a resident in Pediatrics at Babies & Children's Hospital of New York / Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center and subsequently finished his Pediatric Neurology Fellowship training at Children's Hospital, Boston / Harvard Medical School in 2006 where he served as Chief Fellow during his final year. Prior to joining the Weill Cornell Medical College faculty, Dr. Raju was a Fellow of the Pediatric Scientist Development Program (PSDP)  at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Raju directs the Laboratory for Childhood Brain Tumor Research at Weill Cornell Medical College and studies the developmental origins of pediatric brain tumors including medulloblastoma, atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (ATRT), pediatric glioma, and brainstem glioma and their respective relationships to developmental signal transduction pathways. Through the utilization of sophisticated mouse genetics techniques, Dr. Raju and his team are creating new and improved preclinical models of these childhood brain tumors to better understand their biology, investigate novel treatment approaches, as well as identify treatment resistance mechanisms that can be translated back for use in patients.


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LINK: Dr. Raju's publications on PubMed

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Books, Book Chapters and Reviews

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Invited Lectures And Presentations

  1. American Federation of Clinical Research, Eastern Regional Meetings, NY, NY 1994, "Prolongation of Cardiac Allograft Survival with Transforming Growth Factor-beta1 in Rats"
  2. 1st Annual Cell & Developmental Biology Symposium March 1999, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, "SANE, A Novel Inhibitor of BMP Signaling"
  3. Longwood Neurology Grand Rounds, Harvard Medical School March 2005, "CPC-An infant with Hypotonia" co-presentation with Peter Kang, MD & Hart Lidov, MD
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Honors and Awards

  1. Nassau Fund Undergraduate Research Prize 1992
  2. NIH Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Fellow 1992-2001
  3. George Von L. Meyer Award (Children's Hospital, Boston) 2006
  4. Pediatric Scientist Development Program (PSDP) Fellow 2006-2009
  5. NINDS K08 Clinical Scientist Career Development Award 2009-2014
  6. Top Research Poster Prize, MSKCC Brain Tumor Center Annual Mtg 2010
  7. Top Research Poster Prize, MSKCC Geoffrey Beene Cancer Center Annual Mtg 2010
  8. Hartwell Investigator, The Hartwell Foundation 2012-2015
  9. Hyundai Hope on Wheels Foundation Hope Scholar 2015-