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NewYork-Presbyterian, with Weill Cornell Medicine, opened the Lower Manhattan Cancer Center, a freestanding, state-of-the-art radiation oncology center located on 21 West Broadway in Manhattan. The NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Cancer Center is the newest site providing cancer care available as part of the Stich Radiation Oncology Center at NewYork-Presbyterian and at Weill Cornell Medicine, and is the only radiation oncology center in Lower Manhattan. Dr. Jim C. Hu has now joined the Lower Manhattan Cancer Center, treating urologic cancers in collaboration with the Dr. Hu-led LeFrak Center for Robotic Surgery.

At the Lower Manhattan Cancer Center, we take a personalized approach to cancer care and design customized cancer therapies tailored to each patient’s unique cancer and individual tumor. Radiation therapy is administered in a supportive and soothing spa-like setting focused on healing. Our vision is that the entire treatment experience must be focused on health promotion and well-being. In addition to radiation therapy, complementary therapies such as meditation are offered to support the patient’s journey toward optimal recovery.

With the addition of Dr. Hu’s expertise, in conjunction with the LeFrak Center, we can meet many of our patient’s needs when they have been recently diagnosed with prostate, kidney, bladder, or testicular cancer. Many of our patients come to us anxious and concerned of what is to come. The state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology offered at The LeFrak Center allow patients to communicate about their condition with ease and feel confident knowing they are receiving the best prostate and urologic cancer care available in the nation. We embrace robotically assisted and minimally invasive surgical practices that reduce the recovery time and post-op complications associated with traditional surgeries. For more information, please visit The LeFrak Center for Robotic Surgery.

Patients at the Lower Manhattan Cancer Center receive targeted radiation therapy with reduced risk to critical structures.  Radiosurgery technology enables dramatically shortened treatment times.  We offer trials that combine radiotherapy with immunotherapy which are also available to patients with metastatic cancer. 



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What Our Patients Are Saying

J. Henderson
Talking about Jim C. Hu, M.D., MPH

"I chose Dr. Hu to perform my prostatectomy after consulting with him and receiving recommendations giving him high praise. He is a leading DaVinci robotic surgeon who has performed well over a thousand robotic surgeries. Two weeks after surgery I (52 years old) am close to fully recovered. THank you Dr. Hu! Additionally, he is very attentive and responds quickly via email and also has a wonderful staff assisting him. If getting your prostate out, go see this doc."

Sep 12, 2018
Source: Healthgrades
Talking about Jim C. Hu, M.D., MPH

"Dr Hu showed genuine concern and interest during my initial consultation. He patiently answered all of my questions as well as those of my wife. After meeting with him, and having met with radiology oncologists, the decision to have surgery with Dr. Hu was easy to make. He performed a robotic prostatectomy in September of 2017. My recovery was remarkable! I have experienced absolutely no incontinence and other side effects are minimal. I attribute that to the skill of Dr. Hu."

Jul 03, 2018
Source: Healthgrades
Michael L.
Talking about Jim C. Hu, M.D., MPH

"Dr Hu performed a radical prostatectomy on my after a diagnosis of cancer. In consultations with me prior to surgery, he was warm and kind, and extremely informative. He showed great patience, answered all of my questions, met with my wife, and left me feeling that I had made a fully-informed decision. And then the real skills shine through - Dr. Hu's surgical abilities left me with truly minimal side effects. I was walking within hours after surgery and my overall recovery has been swift."

Jan 13, 2017
Source: Healthgrades
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