Franklin Chiao, M.D.

Franklin Chiao

Franklin Chiao was born in New York and grew up in Westchester County.  He is board certified in both Anesthesiology and Pediatric Anesthesiology.  He earned his B.A. with Honors in Economics at Brown University and his M.D. at Stony Brook University, during which he was elected National Treasurer of the American Medical Student Association. After completing his residency and regional training at St. Luke’s Roosevelt-Columbia University, he completed his fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia-University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Chiao is heading up the pediatric regional and pediatric pain management initiatives in the hospital.  He teaches internationally and recently taught at the New York School of Regional Anesthesia Annual Symposium and Boutique Workshops.  He also has an interest in sedation and is able to perform magnetic resonance imaging scans without the use of anesthesia gases.

In addition to patient care, Dr. Chiao is actively involved in clinical research.  He has published recently about infrared vein finding technology and regional anesthesia.  He has also presented over thirty abstracts and oral presentations internationally.   He has received several clinical, patient safety, and research awards, and was given a scholarship from Harvard Medical School to train as a Global Clinical Scholar with a focus on research.   He reviews papers for prestigious journals such as Pediatrics.  He has been interviewed, published online podcasts and has book chapters in press.  

Lastly, he has an interest in the economics of healthcare for patients and physicians.  This stems from his academic and work experience in economics and finance.  He earned a Masters at the London School of Economics and worked in business before becoming a physician.



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  • AETNA [Medicare]
  • Aetna - Weill Cornell [POS]
  • Affinity Essential
  • Affinity Health Plan
  • Blue Priority Network
  • Emblem Select Care
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield [Pathway X]
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield [Pathway X Enhanced]
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield [PPO]
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield [EPO]
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield [HMO]
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield [Mediblue (Senior)]
  • Fidelis Care
  • GHI [CBP]
  • Health First
  • Health Insurance Plan of NY (HIP) [Medicare]
  • Health Insurance Plan of NY (HIP)
  • Health Insurance Plan of NY (HIP) [Medicaid]
  • Health Plus - Amerigroup [CHP]
  • Health Plus - Amerigroup
  • Health Republic
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Oscar
  • Oxford Health Plans [Medicare Advantage]
  • Oxford Health Plans [Liberty]
  • Rockefeller University - CoreSource
  • United Empire
  • United Health Care [Medicare]
  • United Health Care
  • United Health Care [Community Plan]
  • VNSNY CHOICE Medicare [Medicare]
  • VNSNY CHOICE Medicare [HMO]


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Honors and Awards

Harvard Medical School Scholarship Recipient for Research Training, 2014

Resident Research Contest, Second Place, Post-Graduate Assembly in Anesthesiology (PGA), 2011.

Resident Research Contest, Fourth Place, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, 2011

Ajou University International Health Grant, 2007

CAMS Scholarship, 2007