Stronger Together in the Face of COVID-19

We thank all of our incredible teams who make care possible.

Collage of front-line workers at Weill Cornell Medicine

We are in awe of how our medical workers at every level, in every department, continue to care for patients despite tremendous challenges. We are, simply, honored by their service. We are proud of our dedicated workforce on the front lines, in addition to the many people behind the scenes who help make the delivery of our care possible

Thanks to all of them, our patients receive exceptional care. Their commitment is proof that we are a stronger together as we unite in our fight against COVID-19.

Please join us in honoring our healthcare heroes for their unwavering commitment to care.

Thank You to Our Front-Line Workers

Fearlessly, our physicians and front-line staff remain committed to ensuring that each patient receives the care they need.

Unwavering during this exceptionally challenging time, as our caregivers endure the pandemic’s physical, mental, and emotional toll as they put others before themselves day in and day out.

Boldly, many of our physicians have stepped forward to be redeployed from their typical outpatient posts to support the Intensive Care Units and tend to our most critically ill patients. We are eternally grateful for their selfless work.

Humbly, we thank our amazing staff for their resilience during a dangerous time, and for their dedication to the New York community.

Primary Care delivering 1000 viral swabs to NewYork-Presbyterian Primary Care Nursing Triage A primary care physician at Weill Cornell Medicine wearing PPE Primary Care working from home Primary Care physician performing a video visit Weill Cornell Medicine Ob/Gyn staff

Thank You to Our Heroes Behind the Scenes

We are equally grateful for the many people you can’t necessarily see—the thousands behind the scenes who demonstrate their commitment to patient care as they work around the clock to maintain daily operations and make patient care possible.

Persistently, they have been procuring much-needed resources, including meal deliveries; managing our call center addressing difficult questions and concerns; delivering meals and keeping our daily operations running smoothly under such extreme circumstances.

They are imperative to the basic functioning of our medical community and the delivery of care of our patients. We are grateful for all they do to support the needs of our patients and front-line staff.

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