Audrey N. Schuetz, M.D. MPH

Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology
Audrey Schuetz

Audrey N. Schuetz, MD, MPH, is Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Associate Director of Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Services at the Weill Cornell Medical College and NewYork Presbyterian Hospital. She is certified by the American Board of Pathology in Medical Microbiology, the American Board of Medical Microbiology, and Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. Her interests in microbiology primarily lie in antimicrobial susceptibility testing, mycology, and molecular typing of various organisms.

Having obtained a Masters of Public Health in Global Health, she is also interested in public health-related projects and international affairs, such as laboratory development and surveys overseas.


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  • AETNA [Medicare]
  • Aetna - Weill Cornell [POS]
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  • Blue Priority Network
  • Emblem Select Care
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield [Pathway X]
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  • Health First
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  • United Health Care [Medicare]
  • United Health Care [Community Plan]
  • VNSNY CHOICE Medicare [Medicare]
  • VNSNY CHOICE Medicare [HMO]


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Honors and Awards

Board-certified Diplomate of American Board of Pathology in Medical Microbiology

Board-certified Diplomate of American Board of Pathology in Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

Board-certified Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Microbiology

Yale/Johnson & Johnson Physician Scholar in International Health, Grant recipient, 2008-2009 for Indonesia Laboratory Development Project